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Directed by

Lukas Hauser


Produced by

Judith Bookbinder

Executive Producers 

Mary Lake Polan

Frank Bennack

Associate Producer

Wade Lew


Sam McConnell

Lukas Hauser


Chris O'Konski


Boris Palacios


Additional Camera 

Danny Vecchione

Anthony Subietas

Sam McConnell

Additional Sound 

Lauren Banjo


Lukas Hauser

Music Supervisor

Winslow Bright



Associated Production Music


Sound Mix

Nicole Tessier



Andrew Berman


Special Thanks

Patty Kondub

Joan Evon

Anjali McCormick

Josephine Rojas

Dick Rauh

Betty Auber

Dick Auber

Barbara Rose

Althea Seaborn

Will Burnie

Brian Ference

Bill Ference

Nor Smitbol

Linda Abou Saab

Sharif Abou Saab

Ruth Sherman

Anne Banks

Madeline Lee

Westport Weston Family YMCA

Goldcrest Post

Leslie Iwerks

Evá Williams

Rachel Denny


written by Dennis Matkosky and Michael Sembello

performed by Michael Sembello

courtesy Universal Music

"I Can't Be Satisfied"

written by Muddy Waters

performed by Joe Bonamossa 

"(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher"

written by Gary Jackson, Raynard Miller, Carl William Smith

performed by Jackie Wilson

courtesy Sony Music


performed by the Village People 

written by Henri Belolo, Jaques Morali, L. Colman, 

and Victor Edward Willis 

courtesy Casablanca Records


Titles inspired by THE OPTICAL HOUSE

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